Just Between Us

Just Between Us is a safe space where students are allowed to share their thoughts and feelings freely and anonymously. If you have a problem with classes, keeping up in school, personal issues, or even if you feel overwhelmed with life and need someone to vent to, Just Between Us is here to listen and support you with advice on how you can fix or make the best out of these situations.

Letter #1

Dear AJ,

For weeks now my best friend’s boyfriend has been acting a little too friendly towards me and it’s been making me uncomfortable. Idk what to do because my best friend has really strong feelings for him and I don’t want to be the reason that they break up. HELP PLEASE!!!!!




Dear Anonymous,

I think it’s best that you tell your best friend what’s going on. I know you don’t want your friend to continue being in a relationship with someone who’s disloyal and doesn’t treat her the way she deserves to be treated. It’s smarter that you let her know before she finds out on her own which could possibly ruin your friendship. But if you’re feeling a little bit bold you can confront her boyfriend and tell him that he’s making you feel uncomfortable.